The Hershey Family Foundation

Since 1999: The Institute of Tibetan Classics expresses its deep gratitude to its founding financial partner Barry J Hershey, Connie Hershey and the Hershey Family Foundation. The Heshey Foundation’s support enabled us to meet the core operational costs, as well as fund all the translation and editing work of Thupten Jinpa during the first six years. The Hershey Foundation supports the entire cost of the Critical Tibetan Editions project, and continue to provide support towards the Institute's core administrative needs.

Tsadra Foundation

Since 2004: The Institute of Tibetan Classics expresses its deep appreciation to the Tsadra Foundation for its generous funding of the translation of ten specific volumes from THE LIBRARY OF TIBETAN CLASSICS series. Our partnership with Tsadra Foundation began in 2004 and remains ongoing.

Ing Family Foundation

Since 2008: the Institute established a special partnership with the Ing Family Foundation. We are deeply grateful to Ms Nita Ing and the Ing Foundation for underwriting the direct costs of all remaining translation projects from LoTC series as well as supporting part of the stipend of its general editor. The ING Foundation offers also a grant to help meet the costs of the printing of LoTC volumes.

Silicon Valley Community Foundation (on behalf of Pierre and Pamela Omidyar Fund)

Since 2011: The Institute acknowledges with deep gratitude the generous grant to the Tibet Fund from the Pierre and Pamela Omidyar Fund at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. This grant is to help support the Institute's work towards the preservation and revitalization of classical Tibetan knowledge and culture.

Drs Mordehai And Hana Wosk

Since 2010: The Institute gratefully acknowledges the special grant from Drs Mordehai and
Hana Wosk and family for underwriting the printing and distribution of significant copies of
the English versions of THE LIBRARY OF TIBETAN CLASSICS to be offered to various Tibetan institutions and community across the world, as well as to selected university libraries in Canada and the United States.