In addition to our principal benefactors, the following individuals and organizations have also provided funding for translation of specific volumes from the series for which the Institute is
most grateful:

Richard Gere and the Gere Foundation (Translations of Volumes #13 and #14)
Klaus Hebben (Translations of Volumes #3 and #4)
Sandra Esner (Translations of Volumes #12 and #25)
Curtis Jones (Translation of Volume #27)

The Institute has received financial support from the following individuals and organizations
as well:

His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Healing the Divide, New York, USA
Ganden Shartse Dro-Phel Ling, Singapore
Goodricke Group Ltd., India
The Camellia Foundation
Tides Foundation, USA
Reed Foundation, USA
The School of Communications, Dublin City University
Howard C. Cutler
Jane Kushner
K.C. Branscomb Kelley
Thupten Jinpa and Sophie Langri
Ly and Lan Bui