The volumes are organized thematically and cover the broad categories of classical Tibetan knowledge, from specific teachings of the Tibetan schools, to philosophy, psychology and ethics, to treatises on the arts, social responsibilities, science, history, and Tibetan opera. A complete catalog is now available online and can be downloaded here.

Each translated volume of THE LIBRARY OF TIBETAN CLASSICS is accompanied by an introductory essay, annotation, and a glossary to help provide the modern reader a contemporary context to the texts. The English text of the Classics series is clear, accurate and reader-friendly. While maintaining a high standard of accuracy, the main body of the text will be largely free of scholarly apparatus so that the actual text flows naturally.

To help specialists and students of classical Tibetan who wish to compare the translations against their original Tibetan, direct page references the original Tibetan texts are provided in the main body of the English volume. To download pdf of the original Tibetan texts, click here.

THE LIBRARY OF TIBETAN CLASSICS will make available to libraries, educational and cultural institutions, and interested individuals throughout the world, a comprehensive reference library of key classical Tibetan texts, covering the entire gamut of classical Tibetan knowledge, within a manageable collection.