Another important goal of ITC is to ensure the survival of classical culture within the Tibetan-speaking world. To this end, an important initiative of the Institute is to offer workshops and lectures on classical Tibetan culture and Buddhist knowledge to the younger generation of the Tibetan speaking communities living outside the Tibetan plateau. To date, the Institute’s president, Thupten Jinpa, PhD has given several targeted lectures to Tibetan speaking youth in Dharamsala, New Delhi, and various parts of North America.

A 4-day residential workshop took place in January 2011 in New York city and was led principally by ITC’s president Thupten Jinpa. Other faculty included Lama Pema Wangdrak, Lama Migmar, Prof Ngawang Dhondup Narkyid, with Prof Richard R Davidson, Dr Lobsang Rabgye, Jeff Walman, and Dr Emiliana Simon-Thomas as guest speakers. This workshop was jointly hosted by the Institute and the Dalai Lama Trust, New York, and was generously funded by the Camellia Foundation. It’s hoped that this 4-day residential workshop on Buddhism and classical Tibetan culture may become institutionalized as a regular annual event. For a report on this recent New York city residential workshop, visit….